The value of innovation

Today’s state-of-the-art real estate developments are physical-digital hybrids. Owners have an equal interest in the physical assets and their digital twin, which serves as a predictive model, a tool for seamless collaboration, and a source of data for optimizing services and operations.

WOWA enables real estate clients to own and manage these essential digital assets and capture the value of information at every stage, from definition through design, entitlements, construction, operation, and evaluation.

Developing your digital assets

According to Boston Consulting, by 2030, full-scale digitization could help the real estate and construction industry save an estimated 12 to 20 percent, or between $1 trillion and $1.7 trillion annually.

Emerging industry standards, including certifications for smart technologies and environments, act as important benchmarks. But owners who take a comprehensive, strategic, and business-oriented approach to innovation will contribute to foundational change across the industry and define new forms of digital leadership in the process. WOWA’s experienced and informed perspective on digital transformation positions clients ahead of the curve.

Representing owners’ interests

WOWA has developed digital assets for real estate owners over the past decades, creating significant business improvements. Drawing on our global industry network and cutting-edge expertise, WOWA evaluates the digital readiness of real estate owners and develops and manages a full range of technology services.

We represent owners' interests in a fast-changing arena, where the power to act comes from specialized knowledge that can be difficult for owners themselves to access.

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